Specialist Tooling for the Utilities Market

Through our national depot network, MCA offers a comprehensive range of tools and equipment for purchase. Most items are held in stock from Pipe Clamps to ECU’s, Holesaw Cutters to Flowstop and Under Pressure Drilling Equipment. MCA hold an enviable position of distributing equipment for most of the major utility equipment manufacturers Inc WASK, Pipeline Technology, Pipe Equipment Specialists, GMI, MSA, Advance Welding, Caldervale Technology, Radio Detection, Sheerspeed, Comark etc.


Electrofusion Control Units

MCA hire offer a wide range of control units suitable for use with all polyethylene pipes and fittings as used by the water, gas, communication and chemical industries.

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Pipe Scrapers & Re-Rounding Tools

MCA offer a range of mechanical and manual pipe scrapers for sale. Also available are hydraulic and manual re-rounding tools for a variety of pipe sizes.

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Electrofusion Ancillary Tooling

MCA offer’s a wide range of quality electrofusion tools for sale.

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Unless otherwise stated, MCA’s 110v generators comply with the ECE 3 (previously TIN 12) specification. The ECE 3 specification is designed to ensure that a constant and smooth power supply is provided even at peak load.

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Pipe Cutting Equipment

MCA Hire off a range of pipe cutting tools and accessories for sale to the professional market. All the items in the range have been   selected for their quality and durability.

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WASK Equipment

Since it’s founding in 1888, WASK has gained a reputation as a leader in producing innovative, safe and cost effective solutions in pipe jointing technology, particularly PE to metal transition fittings.

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Pipetech Equipment

Pipetech Pipeline Technology is the UK’s leading manufacturer of under pressure drilling, tapping and FlowStop Machines for use in the gas & water industries.

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Testing Equipment

MCA offer a wide range of testing equipment suitable for professionals within the gas and water utilities industries.

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Gas Detection Equipment

MCA offers both portable and personnel gas detection products for professional use.

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Air Excavation Tools and Compactors

Air excavation offers an alternative to traditional hand excavation, especially around buried utilities or tree roots. MCA offers a range of tools suitable for a variety of applications.

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Pipe & Cable Location

The CAT and its companion Genny Transmitter have become  industry standard; recognised as the leader providing   performance, ruggedness and reliability together with affordability and low cost of ownership.

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Pipe Towing, Cleaning and Tools

MCA offers a wide range of everyday equipment and tools designed for the pipeline industry.

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